100% Sustainable Packaging
SwatchOn gets its Green On!
We’ve created a Green On initiative here at SwatchOn, because we understand that our business decisions not only impact you, our customer – but also our suppliers, staff, the wider community, and our environment as a whole.

It’s not just about what we do today, but about the impact we’re creating for generations to follow. With Green On, we are challenging ourselves to constantly consider how to reduce our impact on the environment, and then implement solutions that do just that.

Our Green On initiative starts by asking ourselves the following questions :
  • How can we improve our packaging to be more sustainable?
  • How can we improve our shipping and courier methodologies to be more environmentally-friendly?
  • How can we adjust our business practices to better-consider the environment and sustainability?
  • How can we improve our sourcing for more Sustainable or Eco-Forward Fabric Options?
  • How can we help our suppliers create more fabrics that meet sustainability standards?
  • How can we reduce fabric and material waste?
  • How can we influence greater change across the entire fabric industry?
  • How can we help our customers design for greater sustainability?

SwatchOn was founded with the goal of being a part of the sustainable future of fashion. We know that it is time to drive change, and that it will be challenging to motivate people and industries to move toward sustainability. But we believe that deciding to take part in this movement and doing what we can to nurture a larger culture of sustainability can be an engine for change.

Our ultimate mission begins with bringing positive changes to the Korean fabric market, and then beyond. Since sustainability should be culturally embedded, we are constantly communicating with Korean government authorities, suppliers, and buyers to spread our philosophy. The progress we make may be small or may be big, but either way, it’s worth it.

We know that this is a constant journey, and we’re excited to take it together with you!
If you have any suggestions for how to help us Green On, please email support@swatchon.com
SwatchOn gets its Green On
Sustainable Packaging

We’re proud to say, as of November 12 th, 2019, SwatchOn will be shipping with 100% sustainable packaging materials!

As part of our Green On initiative, we kicked off with packaging : With this, our key goals have been to determine how to deliver our fabrics promptly, without any damage, using sustainable materials. For the last several months, we have researched and tested different eco-friendly materials for packaging, and we landed on a sustainable solution that works!

Using these specifications around true sustainability in packaging, we guarantee that :
  • All packaging remains safe and effective throughout its life cycle (shipping to you!)
  • All packaging is manufactured from sustainable materials that are fully recyclable or biodegradable.
Before and After
How’d we make the switch? Check it out :
We used 300-350 kg of single-use plastic/PVC per month
Now, we use ZERO single-use plastic/PVC per month!
And, while our raw material cost for packaging has doubled, there is zero change to the pricing of our products for our customers. We will not compromise on sustainability – that’s our promise to you.
Before After
OPP bags Biodegradable plastic
OPP tape Biodegradable tape and Paper tape
LDPE plastic and PVC protection film Biodegradable plastic
The Problem with Plastics
As a kick-off to our Green On initiative, we knew we needed to move away from single-use plastics. Our research showed us that for OPP bags and tape, LDPE plastic, and PVC protection film, it can take up to 1,000 years to decompose in landfills – Yikes!

It’s currently estimated that only 9% of the plastic in the world is actually recycled, and the rest is used only once and end up in landfills. Furthermore, plastic is not biodegradable — it takes more than four centuries for plastic to degrade, and even then, it will not completely breakdown.
Green before 2
100% Sustainable Materials Used
Instead of OPP bags and tape, LDPE plastic, and PVC protection film, we’ve switched to biodegradable plastic and biodegradable and paper tapes.
Green after 2
Biodegradable plastic
An eco-friendly material that was developed to decompose within 6 months. It’s made of 100% biodegradable resin, which is harmless to the environment, and naturally decomposes when discarded.
Biodegradable tape
An eco-friendly material that was developed to decompose within 2-5 years. The adhesive is certified by the FDA to be safely used in packing, transporting, or holding food.
Paper tape
This is made of paper and a starch-based adhesive which is water-activated, and it’s also 100% eco-friendly.
Paper Box
Cardboard is one of the easiest and most environmentally effective materials to recycle since the fibre in cardboard has already been processed.
If you have any suggestions for how to help us Green On, please email support@swatchon.com